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Safety messaging for your employees

Proactive safety, Building a culture of confidence

Our proven safety messaging system allows you to develop message platforms that educate your employees and target the safety concerns that are most important in your workplace.

Messages can be customized to achieve individual safety goals, raise employee moral and improve overall performance.


Nothing is more central to an organization's effectiveness then its ability to transmit accurate, relevant and understandable information among its members.
(Auther Unknown)

90% Of all text messages are read in under 3 minutes. (Connect Mogul)

Text messages have a 98% open rate vs 20% for email. (Slick Text)

Over 6 billion text message are send every day in the US. (Pew Internet)


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The big Benefits

  • Reduces Accidents: The key to reducing accidents is 'risk-awareness'. Our daily messages ensure safety is in the forefront of an employee's mind every day. Making accident avoidance become habit.
  • Builds Confidence. Everyone gets the same massage at the same time. No confusion. No misunderstanding. Our messages stimulate communication which results in a confident workplace.
  • Increases Productivity. A confident workplace is a safer environment. A safe worker is a more productive employee.
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Certificate of Recognition (COR)


The COR Platform will educate employees regarding your commitment to the COR safety principles and how they have been implemented in your company. Your workforce will have the confidence to respond to any questions an auditor may ask.

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near miss reporting made easy

Near Miss Wizard can be utilized within any company or organization, separate from our other Safety Messaging Programs, to assist in achieving that ultimate goal: 

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What People Say about us

“Our safety meetings are now the best they have been in the eight years I have been at Westcon. Best input and best results. The messaging has made the difference!”

Kim Becker
Operations Manager, Westcon Precast Inc.

"I wanted to let you know the message on the circle check was fantastic. It shows that alongside safety talks, the messaging is just as important to ensure all do their part."

Christine Deshane
Safety Coordinator - Nelson Aggregates

“The Messages work. Your digital record of the messages is very important to us.”

Cory Andrusiw
Owner/Managing Partner Westcon Precast Inc.

“The safety messages are bringing people up around here, not putting them down. This is very good.”

Jack Christofferson
Crane Operator Westcon Precast Inc.

"Everybody gets the same safety messages every morning at our coffee break. Our people are talking to each other all the time about issues in the plant."

Michael Cabral
Plant Manager, Westcon Precast Inc.